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7 Things You Can Do To Turn Your Mobile Strategy Into A Success

March 12, 2017 No Comments Likes :
 7 Things You Can Do To Turn Your Mobile Strategy Into A Success

Mobile strategy

In recent years, mobile advertising strategy has emerged as a leading entity in digital market strategy. It is taken as a channel that is continuously rising and introducing new innovations. Mobiles have become an integral part of our life as almost every kind of person uses mobile in a daily life. This growth in the mobile usages has encouraged the advertisers to consider mobile strategy while creating an advertising strategy for their company. So, it is certain that without giving required attention to mobile strategy, you cannot get success in your advertising efforts.

Though if you have already adopted a mobile strategy, but it is not turning to be as fruitful as expected, then here you need to consider some certain tips to turn your mobile strategy into a success. At times, when businesses invest in mobile strategy but do not get many results out of their efforts, it often looks a disappointment. Well, in reality, mobile strategy is not a matter of few clicks or few moments, however, it requires continuous effort and certain elements to be followed. Here, we present 7 important things that you can do to turn your mobile strategy into a success. 

1. Adopt A Multi-Screen Advertising & Marketing Strategy –

Adopt A Multi-Screen Advertising & Marketing Strategy


The growth of tablets and smartphones in the modern era has encouraged a boost in multi-screen user behaviour. Today, more than 40 percent Smartphone users browse on their Smartphone while watching TV. So, it is not at all a surprise to see that most of the big brands have started featuring TV ads on mobiles as well with a hope that the customers would take interest in their offers on seeing those ads.

So, brand advertising campaigns which implement a multi-screen advertising strategy can conveniently reach out their customers and achieve more conversions as compared to single-screen ad campaigns. Therefore, the best idea is to adjust your advertising strategy as per different devices, different time and location that modern consumers use. It will help you delivering the most appropriate content to your target audience and grow ROI.

2. Make Your Mobile Power Skilled Team –

Make Your Mobile Power Skilled Team

To understand the mobile-based consumer behaviour and to keep up with the mobile advancements, it is necessary for you to take help to mobile power expert team. This team will help your business by improving the mobile strategy by implementing new technologies and advancements in this field.
By making a skilled mobile power team does not only mean to develop mobile apps or design a responsive website, but it is about handling every mobile business step for mobile evolution. This management is possible only if you have the assistance of expert mobile power in-house team.
In simple words, try to make develop devoted resources that are capable of reviewing mobile metrics and statistics, evolve consumer insights; examine mobile-specific business budgets, monitoring mobile investment of the competitors and much more.

3. Mobile Sites As Well As Apps – Both Are Essential:-

Mobile Sites As Well As Apps - Both Are Essential

A number of people often get confused with mobile sites and apps considering they both serve a common purpose. Well, this is where they make a mistake because mobile sites and apps are two different things with different purposes. Two of them are designed for different audiences. A mobile app is specifically designed to target loyal customers who seek easier and faster way of communication with the brands. However, a mobile site helps to simplify the overall shopping experience of the customer as it provides particular on-the-go solutions, contact details, and general information.

Having a responsive business site that carries mobile-first approach is definitely requisite for quickly appearing in the top search results on the internet, enhancing customer engagement and boosting visits. Though a mobile app is a robust tool to grow customer retention while serving exclusive advantages like promotions, latest updates, and discounts.

Thus, it is quite clear that both have a different purpose and both are highly useful to bring your business to a newer success point. So, develop apps as well as mobile sites if you want your mobile strategy should rock.

4. Invest In The Market Trends:-

Invest In The Market Trends

If you look at the current market trends, you would surely find mobile trend is rapidly exploding. So, businesses that ignore this market trend for this time will surely miss out several attractive opportunities to be the preferred brand of their target audience. Such companies will struggle hard to compete with their rivals in future.

As per the Global mobile user survey conducted by Deloitte, customers in most of the developed markets use 4 to 8 portable gadgets connected on a mobile data, and this rate is rapidly growing.

Though the sale of the laptops is declining, tablets and Smartphone sale are not expected to get declined, mainly because of technological advancement, replacement cycles, regular user-base expansion and lowering costs. So, this survey clearly shows that current market trend revolves around mobile users and if you want to keep up with market standard, you should not hesitate from investing in current market trends.

5. Use Mobile App For Facebook Install Ads:

Today, more than 50% emerging apps on Play and App Store implement Facebook Install Ads app. As per developers, these install ads help them reducing total acquisition cost from 15 to 60 percent.

In recent years, it is seen that the numbers of companies are rapidly growing that push their business apps on Facebook; however, to get a stand-alone position in the market and grab customer attention, merely a random screenshot of the app will not work. For the best results, businesses have to implement a fully Facebook like feature. So, capture pictures of the products, make them look creative and attractive, add attractive claims and suggest an intriguing call to action.

Take use of recently introduced Facebook ad features that will help to target your audience. These features include Lookalike Audiences, Partner Categories and Custom Audiences.

6. Think Of The Information & Data You Receive – Make Mobile Strategy To Implement With It –
If you succeed in making an effective mobile strategy for your business, it will bring ultimately valuable data for customers to you. This data would include the devices used by customers, platforms your audience use for interacting or communicating with you and when and what makes them shop with your brand. This information is greatly valuable as it helps to make a right strategy to effectively target the consumers.

Apart of it, this data would give you much other information like location based information which enables promos or advertisements to send to the audience in the geo-targeted location, consumer breakdown based on age, gender etc., browsing habits of consumers and information for the device used by customers.
Considering this important data is highly essential as it enables you to effectively target your audience and adequately meet their expectations. Using this information, the brands can strategize on their ad positioning and offerings.

7. Use Social Media For Better Advertisement:-

Social Media Marketing

Modern consumers spend around 80 percent time on using apps and remaining 20 percent on browsing their mobile. Here, 17 percent mobile actions are made from the Facebook app. Thus, this leading social media network clearly looks to be the most used mobile browser for consumers.

Seeing this fact, there is certainly no denial that engaging to customers over social media network is the most requisite strategy in this mobile time that every business should follow. Though an organic Facebook reach is not sufficient to connect with most of your consumers anymore.

Therefore, the digital media expert should try to use social media for boosting up the mobile content of the companies.

Conclusion –
These are top 7 things that you should do to turn your mobile strategy into a success. These are proven solutions that help to boost advertisement outcomes and contributes to profit making for the businesses.


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Kerin Miller Thakkar

This post is submitted by Kerin Miller. She is an android developer and part time blogger. She works for Stellen Infotech - an offshore android development company. Kerin is passionate about Android app development and loves to share Android development tips & tricks. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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