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Top 10 Custom WordPress Theme Development Companies around the Globe

January 27, 2017 5 Comments Likes :
 Top 10 Custom WordPress Theme Development Companies around the Globe

When you are developing your clients’ website, you will not only require a flawless theme but you will also be interested in a theme company that you will have at your back. You will require someone that will always be there for you whenever you have any type of questions or some kind of support. As a website designer, you are well aware that it is not all about the CSS and the HTML; it is all about experience starting from the live demo to its launch.


It can be difficult to find reliable WordPress theme development companies. Therefore, we decided to come up with a list that will help you to start searching over in Google and get to your job of designing a great website. Below is the list of the ten best WordPress Theme Development Companies around the Globe.


1. WordSuccor Ltd.
Established back in 2010, WordSuccor Ltd is today considered to be one of the best WordPress theme Development Company. WordSuccor will help you to serve all the PSD to WP development needs of companies and business organization of all sizes and types. WordSuccor enjoys a global clientele across 20 different nations and its one of the companies you should contact for WordPress Theme Development in 2017.


2. Stellen Infotech
Stellen Infotech has tremendously grown since its inception and it is today considered to be among the leading offshore software and website development company that provides WordPress Theme development, quality SEO services, E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Web designing and Web development. The themes are developed from the ground up to enable your website to be able to convert more of your site visitors to customers, subscribers and clients.


3. Elegant Themes

The Elegant Themes was founded way back in 2008 by Nick Roach. The company has managed to stick to its principle of coming up with great WordPress Themes. They are the only WordPress Theme Development Company that is ranked in the top three in all the three categories of graphic design, coding, and functionality. When you use Elegant Theme, you will have over 70 themes to choose from starting at a price of $ 39 per year. It is actually the best bang for your WordPress site.


4. StudioPress

The Studio Press is headed by Brian Gardner who is an experienced and well-taught web designer. The Studio Press is considered to be the pioneer in the premium WordPress theme industry. At StudioPress, they dedicate most of their time trying to upgrade and update their themes in order to fix compatibility issues and bugs to ensure the user gets quality in their themes. However, in case you prefer great graphics, using the StudioPress themes will not be the best choice for you.


 5. Templatic
Templatic is considered to be among the well-known Premium theme developers that have a great portfolio of multifunctional and diverse WordPress Themes. Though Templatic got off to a rocky start as you can read in most of their users comments, their entire team has been working hard to tighten their codes while they continue to come up with eye-catching designs that you won’t be able to get somewhere else.


6. ThemeForest
ThemeForest was founded back in the late 2007 and has grown to become one of the most popular WordPress theme development companies with a surprising 1700 Premium WordPress Themes and more. The ThemeForest will allow its authors to come up with a list of all their digital files for sale in order to leverage the entire community of buyers that actively take part in the ThemeForest marketplace.


7. WooThemes
Three designers in three different countries started off WooThemes. It has grown to become one of the largest providers of WordPress theme with several team members. Back in 2012, the WooThemes made some business transformations that didn’t go as expected. Since then, they have been trying to reevaluate some of the decisions they made. In 2013, they decided to close their affiliate program thereby leaving thousands with an unexpected and sudden turn of events. As they continue to come up with themes, the company has grown to become a staple part of the product they are offering.


8. Templatelite
Templatelite was founded back in 2008 and has more than 30 high-quality themes in their portfolio. They also have clean coding and professional graphic design something that makes it be considered as one of the best WordPress Theme development companies. The best part about Templelite is that most of its themes can easily be downloaded free. However, the major drawback is most of their themes are known to lack functions.


9. Press75
Press75 is among the best providers of WordPress Theme development companies. It is known for efficient, unique and clean themes that are user-friendly and have great content management options.
The Press75 has over 17 unique premium WordPress themes that it offers to their clients and prospects. The company has continued to release and develop new themes on a monthly basis in order to ensure the new themes are kept abreast. It is one of the most excellent features that you will be able to get from Press75 on a monthly basis. However, on the negative side, you will still have limited selections though that will build up with time as unique themes are released into the market.


10. Wpnow
One great unique property that helps Wpnow standout among from the large pool of WordPress theme development companies is their innovative premium designs. The Wpnow theme designs have been developed by a group of exceptional artists who are tasked with creating professional online worls of art. You can easily distinguish Wpnow from its counterparts like Theme-Junkie because of their great features.

The company uses the latest WordPress theme development technology that includes efficient gadgets like Javascript multi-layer menus. They also have the best web engine optimized features that will direct traffic to your WordPress site.


Though there are hundreds of WordPress Theme development companies available around the world, the above ten WordPress Theme development companies are the ones you are advised to hire in 2017 since they will have many great benefits to your site.



About the Author:

Sarah is an experienced WordPress Developer and writer by hobby. She is expert in developing Custom WordPress Themes for global clients and has a team of dedicated developers to assist her in every project. Get in touch with her now for any assistance regarding WordPress development.

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  2. Nice post. Good read. However, except few companies, rest of the listed websites are mostly WordPress Theme Market place websites. They sell their own WordPress themes. They don’t offer exclusively Custom WordPress Theme development. We need to approach their community members for the custom development. At ColorWhistle, we develop Custom WordPress Theme Development and Custom WordPress Plugin development according to the business needs. We have great experience with most of the popular marketplace WordPress themes too, and we are comfortable in customizing those themes too. Happy to be a part of this list too ! :)

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